STYROLON (EPS) pipe insulation is a cost-effective, durable, and energy efficient solution for pipe insulation. STYROLON (EPS) pipe insulation is available in standard and custom cut fabricated profiles to meet your pipe insulation project needs. By virtue of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) pipe section’s physical and thermal properties, it is widely used as an insulating material to insulate the chilled water pipes and ducts thus prevents condensation & protects against freezing. STYROLON EPS pipe sections are extensively used to insulate the Refrigerant pipes and other utility lines especially in MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing), and also HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning systems) projects to prevent the total system from refrigeration losses and condensation. Generally, working efficiency of the Refrigerant equipment will obviously depend on the quality and reliability of the Insulation material which is used. In such circumstances STYROLON EPS pipe insulation dictates that it is nothing but the best insulation material.
Why STYROLON EPS pipe sections are considered the best material for Insulation?
From engineering and economic aspects, it is often advisable or even essential to protect pipelines from heat losses and condensations. Low thermal conductivity, low permeability to water vapor, low water absorption, high dimensional stability, good mechanical strength and protection from fire hazards are the aspects which will constitute the ideal insulating material. STYROLON EPS – expanded polystyrene pipe section incorporates all these aspects well and is therefore particularly effective. STYROLON EPS pipe sections are 95% closed cell structure which ensures better insulation.
STYROLON EPS Pipe Insulation Benefits:
STYROLON EPS pipe section does not support mold, fungus infection or pest life and are unaffected by any bacteria, making it the ideal choice for pipe and duct insulation operating in areas such as food processing etc… where the highest degree of hygiene is required. STYROLON EPS pipe sections are manufactured on “Made to Order Basis” according to the customer’s sizes and specifications. It can be cut with Shiplap joints and Tongue & Groove arrangements with the aid of High-Tech CAD / CAM – CNC Machines.

How to place an order for pipe section?

For over 50 years, EPS Pipe and Duct insulation secured a firm position for itself as an insulating material in the chemical factories, textile and paper mills, ice factories, dairies, breweries, heating ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC) and all kinds of MEP(Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) activities. EPS pipe section can be ordered by providing the following basic information or alternatively you may call / send us your requirement by mentioning your application temperature and other details in order to recommend a suitable one.
BASIC information to be provided to place an order…
• Application temperature
• Nominal diameter of the pipe
• Type of material to be insulated such as Steel, PVC or Copper
• Thickness of the Insulation
• Density of the Insulation
• Quantity in Running Meters